About us

On our website you will find the hottest bags of the moment. We follow the trends and offer you the coolest bags for the lowest price. Every day we search the web, magazines and all the social media's off to you to offer. Trendiest bags We follow the trends of the major designers and affordable search similar bags. So you always wear the coolest it-bags for the best price!

Why is Mijntas else?

MijnTas is JouwTas! We need to be. Distinctive not difficult name Bags is what keeps us busy. We do not sell clothes, shoes etc. which makes us the best in one field: BAGS! We specialize to the coolest bags for you to find.

We also sell gift accessories such as scarves, jewelry, purses and more!

Woelwijk 27

9255 KG Tytsjerk
E: info@mijntas.nl

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ING Bank

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Registered at the Chamber of Commerce Leeuwarden under registration number 6461269